Homemade soap can be a great product for washing the body, face and even hair – as long as it has a good composition. To make sure that the soap contains only safe ingredients, it’s best to prepare it yourself. Check how to make soap. We have several recipes for homemade soap.

How to make homemade soap?

Soap can be a universal, nourishing cosmetic. As long as you prepare it yourself. Making your own soaps will ensure that they contain only safe, high-quality ingredients. Homemade soap can be applied to the face, body and even hair! Homemade soap is great as a home spa.

Olive-coconut soap

(2% superfatted)

Olive pomace oil 500g

Coconut oil 300g

Distilled water 304g

Potassium hydroxide 187g

Method of preparing homemade soap:

Place the olive pomace oil and coconut oil in a slow cooker or water bath. Prepare a potassium hydroxide solution. Pour the solution into the fat in a slow cooker and mix with a blender. Keep the temperature between 40-60 degrees for at least 3h.

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