Borax, or the sodium salt of boric acid, is widely used. In alternative medicine and in the production of glass, but above all it is famous for its cleaning properties. It is used by supporters of ecological cleaning. Borax works as an insecticide and a universal cleaning agent. It can also become a component of oven cleaning paste, dishwashing powder and drain cleaner. Borax also removes unpleasant odours.

What is borax?

From a chemical point of view, borax is an inorganic chemical compound. It is the sodium salt of weak boric acid, for which the technical term is sodium tetraborate. It is used to create colourless crystals that dissolve in water. It is also fragile and has a sweet-tart taste. Some use it as a dietary supplement – after ingestion, it reacts with hydrochloric acid present in the stomach, resulting in sodium chloride and boric acid. Anyone who has not heard of borax yet and doesn’t know what it is used for should read about its care properties. Borax is a component of cosmetics. It has been shown that the benefits of taking borax can be felt, among others by people with hypothyroidism. In addition, boron contained in it improves magnesium retention in the human body, increases density and strength of bones, and allows reversal of rheumatic changes.

Borax is also a medicine for ringworm. It is also used in the production of glass and fertilizers. In many households, borax is used to clean utility surfaces or various appliances, to wash, and even to refresh the air. It is an interesting replacement for household chemistry, which has a negative impact on human health. Furthermore, borax is biodegradable.

What should you know before using borax for the first time?

Borax, just like baking soda, can become a component of many homemade cleaning products. Its affordable price and wide availability allow this. You can buy it online and it’s on the shelves of some chemists and household chemicals shops. Appropriate precautions should be taken when using borax products. Rubber gloves will be useful, because they protect against possible allergic skin reactions. In addition, the white powder should be stored in a dry, cool place, out of the reach of children.

Borax as an insect repellent

Thanks to many chemicals on the market, fighting insects is definitely easier than in the past. People who want to deal with cockroaches in a more ecological way are recommended to use borax. To prepare a black beetle repellent you need a heaped spoon of borax and a teaspoon of castor sugar. After mixing both components, the resulting poison should be scattered in places visited by pests. In turn, to beat ants and silverfish, you need to boil about 125 ml of water with one glass of sugar. Add a tablespoon of borax to the cooled mixture and stir it thoroughly. The poison prepared in this way should be placed where unwanted guests are most often. Sodium tetraborate is also good for fleas.

Borax as a universal cleaner

Borax cleans and disinfects all areas in homes and apartments that are easily soiled. 10 g of borax and 1 liter of water are needed to prepare a multi-functional cleaning fluid. Stiring the two ingredients creates a mixture that needs to be sprayed on dirty surfaces. After cleaning these places, you need to wipe them with a clean cloth. A more complex recipe for an ecological cleaning fluid can include far more ingredients. One of such agents to maintain order is a preparation based on 2 teaspoons of borax, 2 teaspoons of spirit vinegar and 2 glasses of warm water.

In turn, to prepare the cleaning paste for the oven, sink, bath tub or sink you need 4 tablespoons of borax, 8 tablespoons of baking soda, ½ cup of salt and a little water. The resulting mass is applied to dirt, left for a few minutes, and then rubbed with a damp cloth.

One of the most effective methods of cleaning a toilet bowl is to use a brush soaked in a solution made of ½ cup of borax and 2 litres of water. Borax is also used for cleaning windows. The liquid made of 1 litre of warm water and 3 tablespoons of white powder works better than chemist’s agents.

Borax for cleaning dishwashers

Borax is a component of dishwasher powder, the preparation of which consists in mixing a glass of borax with ½ cup of calcined salt and ½ cup of sodium percarbonate. The resulting powder softens the water, and oxygen released from sodium percarbonate perfectly cleans dirty dishes.

Borax as a gold and silver cleaner

Just like citric acid, borax is recommended for cleaning jewelry, cutlery and gold or silver items. Borax after mixing with lemon juice (1:1) should be applied to dirty surfaces. Next, the impurities can be removed by rubbing the cutlery with a cotton cloth, and finally preparation must be rinsed with warm water. In turn, with a paste prepared from a tablespoon of white powder and 250 ml of lemon juice, you can clean pots, pans and other kitchen utensils.

Borax for clearing clogged drains

The recipe for homemade drain cleaner contains only two ingredients. First, pour into a clogged pipe ½ cup of borax, then pour it with 2 cups of boiling water. After an hour, pour more water into the drain, but not boiling water. Such a home remedy for clogged drain works better than the most popular preparations.

Removal of unpleasant odours with borax

Cleaning the house without removing unpleasant odours from it makes no sense. The unpleasant odour accumulating in the apartments of cat and dog lovers can be removed. It is enough to buy borax and sprinkle it on the bottom of the cuvette.